Six Facts About Invisalign You Should Know About

Six Facts About Invisalign You Should Know About

May 19, 2020

Misaligned and overcrowded teeth not only affect your appearance but can also damage your dental health. The positioning of the teeth can make it hard to clean the gums and teeth properly, causing plaque buildup and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to fester. Wearing braces, therefore, is not just for cosmetic purposes, but it is necessary for your dental health.

There are several teeth straightening treatments that you can use. However, if you want a subtle dental treatment that is less noticeable, but can still produce the same results, then Invisalign is the perfect treatment. Several misconceptions surround these clear aligners, and this post, we give your six facts about Invisalign.

1. Invisalign and Metal Braces have a Similar Goal, But Look and Function Differently

Metal or traditional braces are made of wire brackets that are placed on the teeth and are visible. Invisible braces are made of durable and clear plastic, which makes them unnoticeable.

Metal braces are fitted at the dental office and require regular dental checkups to correct and adjust the wires. The Invisible braces are customized to your dental structure and shape.
Our dentist in Rochelle, IL, will examine your teeth, and using 3D imaging will create a model of your teeth. The dental impression is then taken to the lab to make the aligners. During the treatment period, the dentist will give you a set of aligners to be worn and replaced every two weeks.

The treatment is done in a two-week cycle because it takes about 14 days for the teeth to move to the new position. Plus, you will need to visit the dentist every six to eight weeks.

2. Invisalign Has a Relatively Short Treatment Process

The invisible braces are removable, but you need to wear them for 22 hours every day for effective treatment. The length of the orthodontic treatment will depend on the type and severity of the dental problem. But, on average, the orthodontic treatment can last between 18 and 24 months.

3. Different People Can use the Invisible Aligners

Teenagers and adults mostly use clear braces. However, children who have all their permanent teeth present can also use Invisalign. Moreover, the braces come with a blue feature that helps parents to know whether the child is wearing the aligners or not.

4. Invisalign Can Treat Different Dental Problem

A common Invisalign misconception is that you can use them only on mild to moderate dental problems. However, clear braces can correct a range of dental issues such as overcrowding, underbites, crossbites, open bites, misaligned, gapped, crooked, and twisted teeth.

But, take note, for severe malocclusion, the dentist may recommend a different orthodontic treatment.

5. The Clear Braces Are Less Restrictive

With the metal and lingual braces, you need to watch what you eat to prevent food particles from accumulating in the wire brackets.

Invisalign is removable so you can eat whatever you want as long as you take the braces off before eating.

6. You Need to Practice Proper Dental Hygiene

Although the braces don’t restrict your diet, you still need to watch your oral hygiene.

  • Brush and cleanse your teeth before putting the braces back on
  • Clean the braces every day with a soft-bristled brush
  • Avoid using toothpaste on the braces because it may cause them to discolor
  • Use cold water instead of hot when rinsing to maintain the shape of the braces
  • Always keep the braces moist to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Visit the orthodontist for assessment every six to eight weeks

When you first wear the braces, you will feel slight discomfort because of pressure applied to the teeth. The discomfort is present every time you wear a new set of aligners, but there’s no need for pain relievers as the pain clears on its own.

After the orthodontic treatment is done, the dentist will recommend a retainer that will keep the teeth from falling back to the original position.

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