Tooth extractions at Rochelle Dental Care

Tooth extractions at Rochelle Dental Care

Have you been told you have an extremely decayed, damaged or infected tooth? Experiencing a severe toothache or tooth sensitivity recently? You may be in need of tooth extraction. At Rochelle Dental Care, we are proud to offer tooth extractions for our patients that are not a candidate for other treatment options. When teeth become decayed, damaged or even infected, it is important to treat the condition early. Left untreated, serious complications can occur, ultimately leading to a tooth extraction being required. Not sure if you may need a tooth extraction? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Rochelle Dental Care. We would be more than happy to determine the best option for your smile and oral health.

Simple Tooth Extractions

During a simple tooth extraction, your dentist will use a specialized tool known as an elevator to gently loosen the affected tooth. Once the affected tooth has been loosened, forceps will then be used to completely remove the tooth. Simple tooth extractions are a great option for patients with a fully erupted, visible and healthy tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

During a surgical tooth extraction, a small incision will be made to access the affected tooth. In some situations, the affected tooth may also have to be broken into smaller pieces to be fully removed. Surgical tooth extractions may be required if the affected tooth has not erupted properly, is damaged or is not visible.

Following a tooth extraction, Rochelle Dental Care recommends replacing the missing tooth. Having missing teeth can lead to bone loss, demineralization, loose teeth, teeth shifting and even tooth loss.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

During wisdom tooth extractions, your dentist will create an incision to access the tooth properly. Wisdom teeth may also have to be sectioned in order to be properly removed. Once the teeth are fully removed, the area will be stitched up for healing.

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