Smile Makeovers in Rochelle, IL 61068

Smile Makeovers in Rochelle, IL 61068

Do you often dream of a perfect smile like the ones you see on TV? At Rochelle Dental Care we are proud to offer smile makeovers for our patients that are interested in improving the appearance of their smile. Smile makeovers can address the color, shape, size and even position of the teeth in your smile, leaving you with the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Smile Makeover Treatments

Rochelle Dental Care provides a range of cosmetic dentistry options which may be used during your smile makeover, including:

Dental Bonding

For chips, cracks, discoloration and even gaps, dental bonding can be an excellent option! Dental bonding is a versatile treatment option which can be used to improve the appearance, health, and function of a tooth affected by a range of issues or imperfections.

Dental Veneers

For damaged, discolored or otherwise imperfect smiles, dental veneers are an affordable and versatile option which can completely conceal your natural smile. Veneers are designed to look just like natural teeth and are bonded directly to the front of your teeth.


For crooked, misaligned or even overcrowded teeth, Invisalign treatment is a discrete orthodontic treatment option that allows patients to improve the appearance, function, and health of their smile without anyone even noticing.


Are you missing several, most or all of your teeth? Rochelle Dental Care offers both partial and complete dentures for those who are missing part of their smile. Dentures are designed to look like a natural smile and will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Dental Implants

Interested in a more secure and permanent option for restoring missing teeth? Dental implants are a wonderful option that allows dentists to securely attach a prosthetic tooth. Dental implants allow patients to speak, chew and eat better along with improving the appearance of their smile and overall face.

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