Dental sealants at Rochelle Dental Care

Dental sealants at Rochelle Dental Care

When it comes to your smile, you probably want it to be as healthy, beautiful, and protected as possible, right? At Rochelle Dental Care, we believe that preventive dentistry is an essential part of optimal oral health. That’s why we recommend dental sealants for most of our patients! Did you know that your teeth are covered in pits, grooves, and depressions? These areas on the chewing surfaces of your teeth are actually the perfect environment for debris, plaque, bacteria, and even tartar to hide and thrive! These pits, grooves, and depressions can also make it more difficult for patients to properly brush, allowing even more plaque and bacteria to develop.

About dental sealants

With dental sealants, our dentist at Rochelle Dental Care can actually create a barrier between your teeth and the harmful effects of bacteria, plaque, and acid. Along with the additional protection, the barrier created on your teeth can actually make it easier to brush as well, leaving your teeth cleaner and healthier.

During the treatment process for dental sealants, your dentist will simply paint the liquid, BPA-free dental sealant onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth. At Rochelle Dental Care, we use a tooth-colored sealant which blends easily with the patient’s smile. Once the dental sealant has hardened, a barrier is formed on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, providing additional protection against tooth decay and cavities.

The Benefits of Dental Sealants

When it comes to prevention, our sealants have various benefits, including:

  • Dental sealants are designed to be tooth-colored or clear, making treatment virtually unnoticeable.
  • Dental sealants can prevent tooth decay and cavities.
  • Dental sealants make it easier for patients to practice proper at-home dental care.
  • Dental sealants can last for about a decade with proper care.
  • Dental sealants take only a few minutes to apply.

Get dental sealants today

Are you ready to protect your smile with dental sealants? Contact rochelle dental care today. We would be more than happy to fit you into our schedule for a consultation. We look forward to helping you protect your smile and overall oral health!

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