Same-Day Denture Repair In Rochelle, IL

Same-Day Denture Repair In Rochelle, IL

When it comes to having broken dentures, it can lead to quite a bit of physical and even mental discomfort. At Rochelle Dental Care, we understand how big of an inconvenience it can be to have broken dentures and are proud to offer same-day denture repairs in Rochelle for most cases. Although dentures are quite durable, they can become damaged in a variety of ways including natural wear-and-tear, biting into a hard object or even impact. Damaged dentures should be immediately addressed as they can cause damage to the patient and even become more damaged due to wearing them. In the event your denture cannot be repaired same-day, your dentist at Rochelle Dental Care will discuss your alternative options.

Denture Repair

When it comes to dentures, our team at Rochelle Dental Care has seen it all. That being said, there are some common reasons they need to be repaired. These reasons can include:

Ill-Fitting Dentures

When it comes to wearing dentures, they can, unfortunately, become loose over time. This can be attributed to various factors. However, it is important to make sure your dentures are fitting snuggly and properly. At Rochelle Dental Care, we can reline dentures, ensuring that they fit properly.

Broken Dentures

Dentures can also break due to many reasons. Typically it is due to not properly caring for them or relining them as necessary. In the event that your denture breaks, our dentist at Rochelle Dental Care would be happy to try and repair them, in most cases we can do so same-day.

Worn Dentures

As dentures are worn over time, the prosthetic teeth can actually begin to wear down, impacting the appearance and even functionality of your dentures. Rochelle Dental Care can restore your denture’s prosthetic teeth, ensuring they look their best and are functioning properly.

Get Same-Day Denture Repair now!

Think your dentures may be ill-fitting, worn or even damaged? Interested in having your dentures repaired? Contact Rochelle Dental Care today to schedule your appointment for same-day denture repair. Our dentist serving the Rochelle area is always happy to treat new smiles and would be pleased to repair your dentures for you.

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