Oral Cancer Exam In Rochelle, IL

Oral Cancer Exam In Rochelle, IL

Did you know that every hour one person dies from an oral cancer? Around 50,000 americans alone will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year! At Rochelle Dental Care, we are proud to offer oral cancer exams and recommend that each of our patients receive a screening at least twice a year. Early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer are essential in survival rates. Interested in scheduling your oral cancer examination? Contact Rochelle Dental Care today. We would be happy to get you on our schedule.

Importance of oral cancer exams

When it comes to early symptoms of oral cancer such as lip pain or even sores, they are often mistaken for another health condition. Making sure that you schedule routine care from your dentist will allow them to properly monitor your oral health. In the event any risk factors are noticed, your dentist can refer you to a specialist for further diagnostic testing and potential treatment.

About oral cancer exams

During your oral cancer examination in our office, the dentist will provide both a visual and physical examination, checking for any lumps bumps or areas of unusual skin. Your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips will be thoroughly examined to ensure that no risk factors are noticed.

Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening Today

Ready to schedule your oral cancer screening? Feel free to contact Rochelle Dental Care. We are always pleased to have new patients at our practice, and we would be happy to get you in our schedule so that we can provide an oral cancer examination for you. You can also book your appointment online now through our convenient online booking form. Our dentist serving the Rochelle area looks forward to treating your smile!

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