Dental Fillings in Rochelle, IL 61068

Dental Fillings in Rochelle, IL 61068

Have you recently been experiencing a toothache? Notice there appears to be a hole in one of your teeth? At Rochelle Dental Care, we are proud to offer various dental fillings for our patients that are suffering from a compromised tooth and would like to restore the appearance, health, and function of their smile. When teeth are exposed to debris, plaque, bacteria, and acid, it can actually begin to eat away at the enamel (the outer, white portion of your tooth) leaving your teeth with holes known as cavities. Left untreated, cavities can actually become a very serious problem, resulting in tooth loss, infections and even increased risk of periodontal gum disease. Wondering if you may need a dental filling? Patients suffering from tooth decay often experience:

  • Toothache
  • Pressure/Chewing Sensitivity
  • Hot/Cold Sensitivity
  • Darkened Tooth
  • Hole in Tooth

Ready to schedule your consultation for fillings? Contact us at Rochelle Dental Care today. We would be more than happy to get you in our schedule for an appointment.

About Our Dental Fillings

At Rochelle Dental Care, we are proud to give our patients options when it comes to dental fillings. Whether you are interested in a tooth-colored dental filling or would even prefer silver or gold, our dentist would be happy to help. Many patients choose tooth-colored fillings due to the fact it blends with the natural smile, making treatment virtually unnoticeable.

Dental Filling Process

When it comes to the dental filling process, it is actually quite simple. Your dentist will first prepare the tooth, removing any decay and plaque. Next, your dentist will begin to apply the filling material of your choice, making sure that the area is completely sealed and protected from future dental complications.

Get Dental Fillings Today

Think that you or a loved one may benefit from a filling? Schedule your appointment with Rochelle Dental Care. we are always accepting new patients at our practice and would be more than happy to fit you into our schedule for an appointment.

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