Sealant for White Teeth: Rochelle Dental Care Explains How it Works

Sealant for White Teeth: Rochelle Dental Care Explains How it Works

Dec 01, 2019

Maintaining good oral hygiene is a good way of preventing cavities. However, it is not always easy to thoroughly clean your teeth. Sometimes you may not be able to clear away food remains. Especially the molars and premolars. That’s where dental sealants come in.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings mostly made of plastic used to cover the chewing surface of the back teeth. This does not mean they substitute brushing. You will still have to brush your teeth. The good thing is that when using the sealants, you can completely avoid cavities.

They can reduce the risk of tooth decay by almost 80%. They are a good choice for kids between 6 and 14 who are prone to decay. Statistics show that kids who don’t use sealants have 2-3 times the risk of cavities than those who use them. You can find a Sealant dentist in Rochelle here.

How do They Work?

No matter how many times you brush your teeth, there is still a possibility of food remains. Once these remains meet with bacteria in your mouth, some acids that can create holes are formed. Sealants will act as some kind of raincoat by preventing these two from meeting. If the bacteria can’t meet the food remains, then there won’t be tooth decay.

How Are They Applied?

Well, if you are scared about pain, don’t be. The whole process is fast and painless. Any dentist near you can perform the procedure. Your teeth will be cleaned and then dried. After that, an acidic gel will be applied to the tooth. The purpose of the gel is roughing up the surface of the tooth to help form a strong bond. The gel is cleared after a minute and then the sealant is applied onto the grooves on the tooth.

Who Can Use Sealants?

Anyone can benefit from them. However, it is recommended that one should get sealants as early as possible. That’s why the major candidates of the same are always kids from the age of six. The molars start coming in at this age.

If your kid gets the sealants this early, his or her teeth will be cavity-free for a long time. You will save money you would have used in the future. Also, you will prevent your kids from experiencing pain that comes from other dental treatments.

Why Are They Important?

Teaching your children about cleaning their teeth is a brilliant idea. However, it is not enough. Statistics show that over 40 percent of kids develop cavities. They might be cleaning their teeth regularly but consuming sugary things accelerates the risk. Instead of leaving the health of their teeth to fate, you can take control by having them wear dental sealants.

Another important thing is that you will not have to limit sugary things to your kids. Kids love snacks and sugary drinks. Making them stop taking them may make them rebellious. Sealants will prevent bacteria in your mouth from meeting the remains they were unable to clear away. This way, their chewing teeth will remain as healthy as possible.

It saves you money in the long run. Compared to other dental treatments, sealants are a bit cheaper. The process is also fast and painless. Sealants will ensure that your kids will not need other dental treatments in the future. Contact a dental sealant in Rochelle and get help today.

Sealants can be placed over cavities. If your child is already having cavities don’t be scared. Our sealant dentist in 61068 can help. Sealants will be placed over the cavities to prevent more damage. The dentist will also be checking up on him regularly to ensure the sealant is working.
Sealants last for a very long time. If taken care of well, they can last for more than 10 years. Also, they can be changed whenever necessary. Cleaning your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist from time to time is a good way of taking care of them.

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