Reasons Why you Should Try Dental Veneers

Reasons Why you Should Try Dental Veneers

Mar 01, 2020

When taking care of your teeth, there is a lot involved. Frequent flossing and brushing are not enough. The foods you select as well as the health of your overall body play an important role.

Even then, it still may not be enough. Some dental flaws may still occur regardless of your efforts to preserve your teeth. If you think you have some dental flaws you want to get rid of, consider this text your refuge.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are shell-like porcelain materials that are used to cover a tooth, shadowing any dental flaws available. Our dentists in Rochelle IL offer veneers as a cosmetic solution to many dental issues. Unlike dental crowns, veneers cover the front surface of a tooth only. It is why they are purely cosmetic solutions, and not restorative ones

Besides that, veneers feature thin porcelain materials. This means that they may not be the best at reinforcing the strength of a weak tooth. Further, you cannot rely on veneers for performing crucial tooth restoration procedures. This is why it is illogical to compare dental implants vs veneers. Their primary concern is to elevate the appearance of teeth and improve a patient’s smile.

Why Would You Need Dental Veneers?

Patients who get this cosmetic procedure do so based on the veneer before and after results. It is not usually a necessity to cosmetically alter your teeth. However, if you feel the need to improve the quality of your life by improving your smile, then this is the procedure for you. Some of the issues that dental veneers handle includes:

  • Chipped teeth – chipped tooth repair is not uncommon in cosmetic dentistry. A chipped tooth takes a little part of your tooth’s structure away. This can make your teeth look uneven and unattractive. Veneers can be molded to replace the chipped part of your tooth and improve the appearance.
  • Spaces between teeth – as a cosmetic alternative to orthodontic treatment, veneers can be used to close gaps formed between teeth.
  • Discolored teeth – tooth discoloration can root from many factors, including foods, aging, enamel thinning, tooth decay, to mention a few. Whatever the reason, it is not a pleasant look, more so when the stains are in the front teeth. Veneers can be used to cover up all the stained teeth, for more uniform color and look of teeth.
  • Misshaped teeth – some teeth are irregularly shaped. This could be due to natural causes, orthodontic challenges, external injuries, teeth grinding, among many other reasons. Regardless of your reason, you should not be content with unusually shaped teeth. Veneers can be used to modify the shape of your teeth and give you a more natural-looking smile.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Having that dental veneers can do all that for you, it is already enough reason to consider them. However, there are more advantages to using dental veneers, including the following:

  • Versatility in use – since they are thin layers of porcelain materials, they can be used to sort out different oral problems, as mentioned earlier.
  • Non-invasive procedure – if your goal is to maintain the natural structure of your teeth throughout your lifetime, then veneers are for you. You do not need to lose your entire enamel to make room for the veneers. Veneers are even less invasive than dental crowns. They can even be used as alternatives to many other procedures like teeth whitening, and orthodontics.
  • Cosmetic benefits – the color, shape, and size of your teeth will become more impressive following dental veneer procedures.
  • Easy procedure – the process of getting veneers is as easy as it gets in dentistry. It involves the dental bonding of the thin shell-like materials to the surface of your tooth. Usually, they are created as per the impressions of your teeth, for a perfect match.
  • Painless procedure – the veneering process is not painful. For one, the non-invasive nature of the application reduces any room for pain. For the discomfort that might result from the process of installing the veneers, your dentist may recommend local anesthesia to numb your mouth. However, it is not mandatory to use local anesthesia in the veneering process, like it is in most other dental works.
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