How Do I Find the Best Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me?

How Do I Find the Best Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me?

Mar 14, 2019

Are you happy with your smile? Do you have yellowish or pale teeth? Do your teeth make you self-conscious? Are you looking for a smile that makes you a head-turner? If the answer to all of these questions is a yes, you need to see the dentist for a smile makeover with the help of professional teeth whitening options.

Professional teeth whitening

According to the dentist in Rochelle IL, there are several options for professional teeth whitening and the dentist can help in choosing the right option for you. It is always recommended to go for professional treatments as they are effective, quick, and safe. The results are drastic and the procedure is usually affordable, says dentist near Rochelle.

Here’s a Look at The Options for Teeth Whitening:

  • At-Home whitening

This is not the over-the-counter gel you buy usually. This is a special gel provided by the dentist in 61068 which you need to use at home for a couple of weeks. It will whiten your teeth and make them a few shades lighter. The dentist can also offer custom whitening trays however if they don’t fit correctly, you can experience gum irritation and teeth sensitivity.

  • Power whitening (Laser)

This is the option that makes use of a laser beam. The procedure is performed in the dental office and takes almost an hour. For best results, it is important that the dentist cleans your teeth of plaque and tartar so that the whitening agent can work and offer the best results. These procedures should be performed back to back.

A protective gel will be applied to your gums to prevent them from burning. The whitening gel is then applied to each tooth. Now, each tooth will be individually treated with laser. The whitening gel is allowed to activate for a few minutes. Once it is done, the whitening gel and protective coating are removed. You may need to repeat the cycles of laser for getting the best results. For another cycle, people may need a second appointment.

Professional teeth whitening is always effective than home whitening kits.

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