Essential Information You Must Have about Partial Dentures

Essential Information You Must Have about Partial Dentures

Nov 01, 2020

Partial dentures are removable and natural-looking dental appliances. They help restore your jaw’s form and function as artificial replacement teeth for one more lost natural teeth. Metal and acrylic are used for creating dentures to give them durability to handle your needs for speaking and chewing. They also appear natural as they are made to match the rest of your teeth.

Partial dentures entirely made from acrylic are also available. However, this variety is not as durable or structurally sound. They may be a suitable solution for you if you are looking for affordable dentures because of your situation. You can rest assured when you contact a dentist specializing in dentures, and they will help you select the right partial dental appliance to suit your unique needs.

Why Would You Need Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures help prevent the bite pressures in your mouth from shifting, which occurs naturally when you lose one or more teeth. Your remaining teeth begin moving into the vacant gap created by the missing tooth. You may experience shrinking of the soft tissues and supporting jawbone near the lost teeth space.

The shifting of your natural teeth alters your physical appearance and leads to more problems with your other teeth. Partial dentures keep your mouth’s underlying structures like your gums, jawbone, facial muscles active and engaged. The dental appliance prevents further shifting of the remaining teeth in your mouth to leave you confident about having a youthful smile.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are non-invasive solutions tending to be less expensive than other options to replace missing teeth. They undoubtedly require some maintenance but are convenient to get accustomed to and function excellently to restore the beauty and functionality to the part of the mouth where the missing tooth existed.

It is essential to clean partial dentures every day, but the process is simple and helps to keep your gums healthy and the dental appliance appearing fantastic in your mouth. Furthermore, if you need further adjustments like expanding your partial denture, the dentist in Rochelle, IL, can quickly care for your needs cost-effectively.

Partial dentures are an excellent solution when the remaining teeth in your mouth are healthy. It would help if you always preferred to keep your natural teeth. However, if it is not an option, and you need to extract a molar because of decay or infections, you can always consider a molar partial denture that will fit your needs effectively.

What Is the Cost of Partial Dentures?

Your unique dental requirements dictate the overall cost of partial dentures. However, most patients have a cost-effective solution because of the low prices at which they are available. It will help if you contact a dentist specializing in dentures with your requirements to have yourself evaluated and estimate the partial denture you want. However, you must remember not to delay getting the partials and allow your jawbone to resorb. Wasting time is not suggested, especially if you want a partial denture for a molar.

Is Eating Comfortable with Partial Dentures?

The creation of partial dentures is to give you the form and function of your natural teeth. Initially, you will require some time to get accustomed to the new appliance in your mouth. Eventually, you begin to enjoy the foods you love the most. Your dentist recommends that you start with soft foods and chew slowly on both sides of the mouth. Hard and sticky foods are better avoided until you become accustomed to the dental appliance.

Can You Sleep with Your Partial Dentures?

Sleeping with your partial dentures in your mouth is not recommended because it is neither safe nor healthy. There are many reasons why sleeping with dentures must be avoided. Partial dentures must be cleaned outside the mouth to ensure no food particles or debris are lodged around or under the dental appliance. Maintaining proper oral care and keeping your dental device clean is crucial for your gums’ overall health. Physically it would help if you allowed your gums to rest and recover by removing the dental appliance from your mouth. You may also be a victim of clenching and grinding your teeth when sleeping. This habit can damage partial as well as natural teeth. Removing the natural teeth is impossible, but you can undoubtedly safeguard the partial dental appliance from the problem of bruxism by removing the denture from your mouth when sleeping.

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